Why Use Hydroponic Systems?

HydroponicsMany people are attracted to the use of hydroponic systems to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in smaller spaces. There are even greenhouses and nurseries that grow their plants in a special growing mix and feed them through the water supply. More and more people understand the necessity of finding sustainable methods of growing our food, methods with a minimal impact on the environment, solutions to feed the growing population of this planet. If we ignore the warnings sent by our planet, we are soon going to see our most valuable resource depleted, so your children may never be able to enjoy the world as we know it. Permaculture, hydroponics and alternative energy production sources are in the attention of scientists from all over the world.

There are multiple reasons why people prefer hydroponic systems to traditional ones. One of these reasons is the lack of fertile farmland. Additionally, another reason, as good as the first one, is the lack of large water supplies. If you can’t cultivate and water a garden properly, you won’t harvest too many goodies, so you should make sure you find the technique that works best for your specific situation. Just think about people who are too old or too weak to cultivate and maintain a garden. They are doomed to a poor nutrition, as there’s nobody to help them grow their food as they once used to. These people could do fine with maintaining a hydroponic system to supply them with fresh vegetables. Thanks to modern technology, automation is possible and relatively affordable. Back in the 80s, it was even hard to imagine a wireless phone or a remote control, not to mention other technology wonders we take today for granted.

For hobbyists or home gardeners, soilless gardening is a much better solution than traditional gardening. In a hydroponic system the plants grow in a sterile environment, so weeding isn’t necessary. Moreover, there are no pests to attack the crops, so you can make sure you are going to harvest healthy foods. If you do your hydroponics gardening right, your plants are going to be healthier and more vigorous than the ones grown by traditional methods. This is possible because you can easily control that the plants get the right amount of nutrients needed for their optimal development. In nature, things aren’t always like this, so plants may suffer and even die. Gardeners can’t control nature. They can love and cherish their plants, but they are powerless in front of the unleashed elements. A summer storm can bring a true disaster. This never occurs in hydroponic systems.

Another beauty of such systems is the possibility of automating them with timers and remote monitoring. You can program your system to maintain the exact plant growth requirements without the need for your intervention. This also means you have the freedom to take a longer time off your garden without fearing your plants are going to suffer. Automatic systems are going to keep on feeding them with or without you around.

hydroponics green vegetable in farmIn terms of cost effectiveness, hydroponics wins again. Such techniques allow the application of water and nutrients directly to the roots of each plant. This eliminates waste, as you are only going to use the precise amount of substance needed and not more. Moreover, water is reused, so there’s no waste. Besides, the evaporation is also reduced. This enables a much better sustainability than in case of traditional agriculture or gardening, where water is wasted a lot through evaporation or field run-off. It is true that you can’t organize extremely large hydroponic systems. However, thanks to their excellent productivity, such systems may enable you collect more than one harvest per year, thus making them worthwhile.

There’s another benefit of hydroponic gardens. It is their accessibility. Unlike real land, these gardens can be set wherever you need. They can be close to markets, thus cutting the transportation costs and reducing the waste caused by long transportation times. Moreover, you can place these gardens where you have some space available, even if it is in the desert. you won’t need any natural resources, so you can grow healthy plants in the most arid areas without any problem. This could be a very good idea for supplying remote communities with fresh fruits and vegetables instead of importing such produce from far away places. There’s a lot of food waste caused by long storage time, so the sooner we can bring the goods on the market, the better it is for everyone, from producers to distributors, retailers and consumers. This is a simple way of supplying people living in arid areas the fresh food they need to be healthy and to provide their body the essential nutrients.

Starting a small hydroponic garden is relatively simple and fairly inexpensive. Almost everyone can try it on a small scale in the beginning, and expand it after they see how it works. There’s information widely available everywhere on the web, so if you want to give it a try, all you need to do is find a good guide, read it and follow through. Even if you only grow some herbs you use in your cooking to start with, it is still something. A small success today could mean a greater motivation to scale your garden to the extent where you are going to be able to feed your whole family with fresh vegetables all year round.

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